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Causeway Group welcomes North Quays funding

One of Waterford’s largest investors, - The Causeway Group - has welcomed the decision by the Government to back the development of the North Quays - to the tune of €110m in infrastructural support. Speaking today (Tuesday, November 10) Sean Johnson of the Causeway Group said that this was a “valuable boost” to the region at “just the right time”.

“The Causeway Group has always believed in Waterford, and that’s why we’ve continued to invest here. The decision of the Government to fund the large scale infrastructure work needed to facilitate the development on the North Quays does not come as a surprise to us - it made good business sense,” Sean said. “There are investors lined up now to bring this development where it needs to go and I look forward to working alongside these groups in returning Waterford to where it belongs - as a destination city of Ireland.”

The Causeway Group’s track record in Waterford speaks for itself. It has 35,000 Sqm of office space in four Business Parks, 10,000 Sqm of retail in Waterford City Centre, over 125 residential units, hotels, bars restaurants and hundreds of employees. “The Causeway Group has been invested in Waterford for some time now, and we have no

intention of stopping,” Sean added.

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